Company information


Corporation name HANAZONO TOOL MFG.CO.,LTD

Higashi-Osaka City Kano 5-12-38


Tokyo office

Tokyo Chiyoda Ward east Kanda 2-9-6 [hiranobiru] the 5th floor

Establishment July, 1944
Establishment September, 1951
The capital 20 million yen
President Saitou Akira
Number of employees 40 people
Activities Manufacturing and sales of work tool
Office Tokyo and Osaka
The main dealings bank Kiyo Bank, Bank of Kyoto, Hyakujushi Bank, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


1944 Tokyo Stock Exchance 1st section listing of present  Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd.  It established it as a hanazono factory.
1951 Subsidiary company of Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd.  It became independent as HANAZONO TOOL MFG.CO.,LTD..
The character and the quality of VICTOR widely known as our trademark originate in this.
1956 The scale of the factory was expanded, it became the capital nine million yen, modern equipment was reinforced, the public welfare was improved in compliance with a more remarkable increase of demand, and it ..rationalization of an enterprise.. tried additionally.
1963 The distributing agent was covered in the whole country with Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd. at the top, the product advanced to foreign countries to say nothing of the country, the capital was increased again, and it became 20 million yen.
1981 The headquarters and the factory were moved from flower Enhommati in the Kano factory apartment of a housing complex.
2004 The headquarters and the factory were moved to the present place (Kano 5).